Unbound: Worlds Apart postponed, Kickstarter ongoing

Unbound: Worlds Apart postponed, Kickstarter ongoing

Unbound: Worlds Apart failed the May 2020 launch. However, the Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing for console ports and additional feats.

Alien Pixel Studios has recently released the prologue for Unbound: Worlds Apart. The platformer has lots of puzzles and portal-opening practices. Furthermore, the game has really good character designs.


For those who would like to try the game, Steam is the first address to go. Unbound: Worlds Apart will definitely remind you of Magicka and Limbo. Moreover, it contains interesting use of magic. Our character, Soli, doesn’t have any weapons, yet he can open portals to get around. In the game, it’s essential to use those to get through the levels. Being unarmed, doesn’t make our character deprived of violence. If you let them, the monsters lurking around will surely rip Soli apart. Soli awaits your help to save himself from the cataclysm.

On the other hand, Soli isn’t the only one that needed help. According to the statement from Alien Pixel, the game still had $25,000 for completion. The Kickstarter campaign now clocked around $41,000. However, the goals for PS4 and Xbox One ports are still pending. Therefore, if you would like to support the game for your console, now is the time.

On the PC side, the game could not meet the May 2020 target. Right now, on the Steam page, Q4 2020 is the new release period. Gamers will have to wait to delve into Soli’s adventures, a bit longer.

Unbound: Worlds Apart

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