PS5 customisations might be easier than expected

PS5 customisations might be easier than expected

Leaked images of PS5 might indicate easy customisation.

PlayStation 5 is drawing closer every day. Currently, we only have superficial information about how the console will run. Moreover, our knowledge about its hardware is not extensive. We only have what Sony executives mentioned. On the other hand, there are many rumours about dismantling the console and implementing PS5 customisations. If these customisations turn out to be true, this will be the first time for PlayStation family.


Recently, some photographs appeared on a Chinese forum. The images display the PlayStation 5, pretty much separated into parts. However, there isn’t enough information available to decide its authenticity. Nevertheless, it’s not like we’re going to ignore these and not have a closer look. Firstly, we see the white shell on the table. The shell appears to hold onto the console with a few screws. Therefore, we might see this as a sign of customisable shells. In other words, if you didn’t like your console’s original colour you can change it. Maybe there is a new and cool skin on the market. PS5 might offer an opportunity to change how the console appears.

The shell also indicates the size of the console. Accordingly, early reports show PS5 will be larger than Xbox Series X and PS4 Pro. Indeed, the new features such as improved cooling might need a greater chassis. The executives claim there will be a better fan and quieter cooling practices. Consequently, the bigger chassis and removable shell might mean we can shift the hardware around easily. Furthermore, we might change the hard-disk and other components. As you all know, PS4 already allows installing an SSD instead of the original hard-disk.

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