New harrassment stories shake streaming world

New harrassment stories shake streaming world

A cohort of streamers, mostly women, shared their harrassment stories which led to a storm of departures and resignations.

Recently, a cohort of streamers, mostly women, shared their harrassment stories. Moreover, the characters of these stories include influential names on Twitch. The streamers used some disturbing descriptions about these figures. Therefore, Twitch executives couldn’t stay silent and published a statement. They said, they will work to eliminate such misconduct from the streaming community.


According to Kotaku’s article, Omeed Dariani was among the biggest names in the stories. The CEO of Online Performers Group was at the helm  of a big brand. Moreover, OPG represents lots of high profile streamers and holds big events. Molly Ayala, who is now a Blizzard employee, shared Dariani’s sexual harrassment. Ayala and Dariani met during a gaming convenion, in 2014. When Ayala asked Dariani “a final advice”, Dariani told stories about women, succeeding in the industry by offering sexual benefits. However, Dariani didn’t stop there and made Ayala an indecent proposal, including his wife. Dariani first denied the allegations, but eventually stepped down from his role.

Other names in the article include Tom “Syndicate” Cassell and Lono (“SayNoToRage”). Multiple women accused these two streamers for their predatory behaviour. Furthermore, some of the streamers published apology videos.

If you would like to learn the events in detail, do check Kotaku’s article. It appears that the new wave of #metoo will have lots of resonance throughout the gaming world. You can also check our article about Ashraf Ismail, the former creative director of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Which is another part of the current events.

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