Ken Levine has an unannounced project, not Bioshock

Ken Levine has an unannounced project, not Bioshock

Ken Levine is working on a new and unannounced project. However, it isn't an instalment in BioShock series, but a new intellectual property.

BioShock creator Ken Levine is keeping himself busy, these days. But, his game won’t be set in the BioShock universe. As Levine stays away, new BioShock game is at the hands of Cloud Chamber. Cloud Chamber has multiple studios at the ready for the next instalment. However, Ken Levine confirmed he won’t be a part of the development.


Instead, Levine is working on his own intellectual property. He previously signalled an FPS game with Middle-earth’s Nemesis system. Yet, in his recent talk to Gamelab, he didn’t disclose any great details. Instead, he said “The game has some weird sh*t” and mechanics that “sounds a little insane”.  Levine also added that he’s exploring the boundaries of what is “outrageous and ridiculous”.

Levine currently works for Ghost Story Games. The studio came into light in 2014 to replace Irrational Games. As a part o the Take-Two family, the aim of the studio is to create story-driven games with high replayability. Starting out with 15 people, the studio is currently busy with Levine’s new IP. We’re hoping more details will surface in the coming days. Currently, even the genre of the new game is uncertain and a mystery.

Meanwhile, the new BioShock game has reconciled with its former art director Scott Sinclair. Jordan Thomas will also lend his writing skills, as he did to the past three releases.

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