Former Playstation boss calls AAA model unsustainable

Former Playstation boss calls AAA model unsustainable

Former Playstation America boss Shawn Layden stated the current AAA development stages are unsustainable.

Former Playstation boss of American region, Shawn Layden recently joined Gamelab Live. transcribed and emphasised Layden’s words. Shawn Layden focused on the development phase of The Last of Us: Part 2. Indeed, he displayed the game as an example of AAA blockbuster development. The former Playstation boss named the title as “the ultimate example” of the story-driven, PS4 exclusives.


Layden stated, Naughty Dog spent 3.5 years on the first game which takes 15 hours to finish. On the other hand, Part 2 took six years to develop and it only spans up to 25 hours. The former Playstation boss did not have an idea about the change in costs. However, it is safe to assume there is a significant increase.

Shawn Layden reminded the audience of the days where $1 million was enough for a great game. Yet, nowadays the current generation has to face budgets between $80 – $150. Layden emphasised, if the current situation resumes, prices will increase.  Soon, the industry might have to settle with shorter games and higher prices. The former Americas boss, suggested a return to 12 to 15-hour games. He said, he found the current situation unattainable. According to him, the expecting 50-60 hour play time from every game is not realistic. Finally, he added, with the advanced technologies, creating new worlds is a more cumbersome process.

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