DrDisrespect banned from Twitch

DrDisrespect banned from Twitch

Twitch removed DrDisrespect's account "permanently" due to a breach of its Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

DrDisrespect, one of the high-profile streamers on Twitch, lost his account for good. Twitch has recently announced that DrDisrespect seriously violated the community guidelines and terms of service. The streamer also known as Guy Beahm has lost his million-viewer channel. Moreover, Twitch has started issuing refunds on channel subscriptions. The streamer also known as Guy Beahm has lost his million-viewer channel.


DrDisrespect recently signed an exclusivity contract with Twitch. Therefore, fans are in shock at the face of this decision. However, Twitch has emphasised, they will approach anybody that violates their rules equally. Additionally, this ban will be permanent and will not be temporary like last time. Beahm, received a temporary ban after his antics at E3 2019. As a reminder, Beahm did a broadcast from a public toilet and lost his account access for two weeks.

Industry insider Rod Breslau also confirmed the ban will be permanent. In addition, Breslau also told the reason behind the ban is not DMCA. Kotaku also published an article, confirming Twitch’s drastic decision.

Currently, the motive of Twitch is unknown. However, various reports indicate the breach of the rules is “serious”. In the future, Twitch can possibly make another arrangement to clarify the situation.

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