Cyberpunk 2077 livestream will clock 25 minutes

Cyberpunk 2077 livestream will clock 25 minutes

Cyberpunk 2077 livestream will start Night City Wire series on 25th June. Many episodes to follow with gameplay and trailers.

CD Projekt Red has recently announced a postponement for Cyberpunk 2077.  The long-awaited RPG will surface on 19th of November. However, CD Projekt Red won’t leave players in the dark. Next Cyberpunk 2077 livestream will be on 25th of June, 6PM CEST. Moreover, the showcase will include a brand new trailer.


According to the Twitter account, there will also be new gameplay scenes. Additionally, at the end of the stream, players will be able to ask questions to the team.

CD Projekt Red names these episodes Night City Wire. The one on the 25th June will be the first of many. Therefore, more Cyberpunk 2077 livestream episodes might be in store. Hopefully, they will reveal more about the gameplay features. The fans of CD Projekt Red are waiting patiently, but also with curiosity. As the recent decision moved the release date from 17th September to 19th November, players are getting suspicious. CD Projekt Red executives are hoping to shed some light on the mystery.

These livestream episodes will surely debunk some of the suspicions about the game’s technical problems. Furthermore, it will give us more reasons to get excited for the game. If you would like to tune in, do hit the official Twitch channel of CD Projekt Red.

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