Black Ops Cold War appears on Doritos bag

Black Ops Cold War appears on Doritos bag

Black Ops Cold War might have made its first appearance on a bag of chips

Call of Duty Black Ops franchise will most likely continue in 2020. However, the next chapter in Treyarch’s saga currently doesn’t have a confirmed name. The recent Red Door leak provided some descriptors that might point out the era the next game will take place. Conversely, Red Door, possibly an internal alpha, contains some map names that might belong to a Cold War setting. Indeed, Activision commenced a return to the roots with Modern Warfare. It’s highly likely that this behaviour will affect Treyarch’s next game. In other words, we might be in for another soft reboot.


On the other hand, a Doritos bag might have spilled the beans regarding the next Treyarch game. Currently, Doritos has a double XP promotion, which is basically a sweepstake that can earn a player double XP for a year. The catch is this time the promotional strip contains some information that is most likely not supposed to be there. The famous Call of Duty website, CharlieIntel photographed the strip and shared it.

Firstly, the image openly discloses the logo of Black Ops Cold War. As a reminder, currently, there isn’t any promotional material available. Furthermore, the legal text underneath states the earliest code redemption date is 5 October 2020. Considering Modern Warfare’s release date of 25 October 2019, it’s highly likely that Activision will set a similar period of time. The safest assumption we can make is we’ll get Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War in October.

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