Battlefield 5 release date officially announced

Battlefield 5 release date officially announced

EA announces the release date of the Battlefield 5 new game Battlefield 5, the series of popular war games.

The date on which the game will be available for the use of the game is also disclosed in details, such as the period the game will take place. In the official live broadcast, it was announced that the game will be available to the players in mid-October.

Electronic Arts and DICE announced the official release date of the game in the same broadcast.

The game, which will be the subject of the Second World War, will be presented to all the world’s players on October 19 at the same time. However, Battlefield 5, like the previous game of the series, will offer early access options.

The game will have early access via EA Access via the Xbox One platform and Origin Access on the PC platform. Players who are members of EA Access and Origin Access will gain access on October 11th. Players who purchased the game in pre-order as Deluxe Edition will also be able to access it on October 16, three days before the original release date. Players who receive the standard version of the game will not have early access and will be able to gain access to the game from the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One platforms on October 19th.

Unlike the last game of the series, Battlefield 5 will not have a Premium option, and there will be no additional options that come with it. All cosmetic customizations that will be presented in the game will be available through in-game purchases. Other content submitted will be free of charge.

Players who have participated in the EA Play event, which will take place on E3 2018 next June, will have the chance to experience the game.

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